Price of taxi service increases in Georgia
09 January, 2017
Beginning from 1 January, 2017, after the amendments into the Tax Code entered into force, the price of taxi service increased. The Taxify company has already informed its customers via e-mail that from January 6 the fee increased by 10 tetris. More specifically, if until now one paid 50 tetris a kilometer, from January 6 the price will be 60 tetris. The price of wait has also increased from 10 to 12 tetris.

The City Taxi company’s head Nikoloz Tkeshelashvili told
Businesspressnews that the amendments that entered into force from January 1, have been reflected on Taxi services.

Mr. Tkeshelashvili also remarked that the price has already increased by 8 tetris and it is possible that it will increase by 2-4 tetris more.

As for the fixed tariffs, the increase was mainly from 50 tetris to 1 lari. For example, if one could travel to a particular place for 3 laris, today the same distance costs 3.5 laris. As for the bigger distances, the prices have increased from 7 to 8 laris.

Tkeshelashvili also says that increasing the tariffs will not be productive for most companies and it will be reflected negatively on the customers as well as drivers.

“It is difficult to forecast further fluctuations,” Tkeshelashvili concluded.