Turkmen oil transit to be conducted via Georgia’s railway hub
14 January, 2017
Under the agreement signed by Georgia and Turkmenistan, 1,5 million tons of Turkmenstan’s oil will be transited via Georgia’s railway hub, - Georgia Transit Director Davit Chiradze and Caspian Transit Director-General Rati Ghvaberia said.

The agreement will be in force for three years. It means 4.5-million load will be transited via Georgia and at least 60 million Gel will be added to the Georgian budget.

As Georgian Railway reports, the agreement will promote employment at transit infrastructure and terminals throughout

As a reminder, up to 200 000 tons of oil was transited via Georgia in 2007-2008. As a result of thr military conflict with Russia in 2008 the route of the load transit changed.

Georgian Railway conducted active negotiations together with the governmental officials concerning restoration of the transit since 2013.