Georgian Churchkhela exported to Iran
14 January, 2017
Georgian traditional candy made of thickened grape juice and nuts, Churchkhela, has been exported to Iran. The first to do this was a company named ‘Gremi’ and the first lot consists of 1 000 pieces. Giorgi Machabeli, the founder of the company says the buyer is an ethnic Georgian living in Fereydan, who purchased Churchkhelas for his newly opened restaurant.

“I think, in the future, the amount of Churchkhelas going abroad will increase, because the interest is very high. Before
transporting it, we ordered special wooden boxes in order for Churchkhelas not to be damaged on the road,” Machabeli said.

Gremi representatives also say that the first lot of Georgian honey was also exported to Iran. In Machabeli’s words, the company also exports to Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine. As for Baltic States and other European countries, the small amounts of products were sent there as well.

Gremi began functioning 2 months ago and it produces jams, jonjoli, adjika sauce,Svanetian salt, honey and more than 15 other products.

Here is the recipe how to make traditional Churchkhela, also called "Georgian Snickers", at home.

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