Smoked sulguni cheese sold in New York soon to appear in LA and Canada
15 February, 2017
Smoked sulguni cheese has appeared on American market. Tsezar Kakhadze, the founder of Cezari dairy products company told Businesspressnews, close to 10 tons of sulguni was sent to USA since last July. He says the product is sold at New York supermarkets and the price is 15 dollars. Kakhadze also added that one of the most popular Georgian cheeses will soon be available in Los Angeles and Canada as well.

In Tsesar Kakhadze’s words, the business plan of his company was
worked up by Darts Group ltd, in order for the Georgian enterprise to be able to participate in a Mercy Corps fellowship project and receive funding. In 2013, by financial support of Mercy Corps, a new dairy products factory was opened and equipped in Adjara region.

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