How much installing solar panels will cost you
21 February, 2017
Tornike Darjania has installed the 300W solar panels on the roof of his house all by himself. These panels can light up to fifteen 20W bulbs and five 60W bulbs. Accordingly, he saves quite a considerable amount of electricity and money. It took him approximately one hour to assemble the panel and he says it cost him about 150 US dollars. Compare that to 500 dollars he would pay in case he decided to buy a ready-made panel.

There are
several types of solar panels.

After the electricity is generated, you can use it, save it in the accumulator or give away. When you don’t need the electricity and it’s switched off, the panels generate the energy anyway. In this case, the electricity is lost and as for saving, it takes money. That is why, when you generate the energy but don’t use it, you can divert it into the net metering network ant it will come back to you when you need it.

For example if I give 1500 W of energy to the network, when the sun sets and the panels stop working, I can use the electricity from that network. That means I get those 1500W back, without having to pay for the electricity.
If the electricity generated by your panels is more than the electricity received from the network, the excess will be reflected in the bill you receive next month and if vice versa, the customer pays the difference.

That means you can even sell the energy you generate.

Besides, apart from lighting, you can use the panels to heat water.

Malkhaz Kurkumuli, the engineer-technologist says that this system is getting more and more popular because its advantage is that you save money. When you heat the water, you don’t use natural gas nor the electricity you are provided by the energy company and warming your house using panels will save you 35% of natural gas payments.

The higher these panels are installed above sea level, the better, because the air is more transparent.

Even if it is 40 degrees below zero, the sun gives us its energy anyway. However, the problem is that the panels produced in South Korea were now substituted by those made in China and before you buy them you have to consult with a specialist.

As we have found out, the panels that are used for heating water will cost you 500 GEL and those used for central heating (100 square meters) – 6 500 GEL. That implies to private houses.

As for the residential blocks of flats, there are models which are installed on the balconies or on the roof.

Some specialists also say that the solar panels are becoming more and more popular and the private companies are also interested in them.

By Mariam Menabdishvili for

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