Georgian man generates electricity with solar and wind energy from his house roof
17 March, 2017
Tornike Darjania has installed 2 500 watt solar panels and a 1 500 watt wind power plant on the roof of his own house and now he’s generating the electricity all by himself.
Currently the solar panels function in active regime and generate about 15 kilowatts on sunny days.

“This 2 500 watt solar power plant fully satisfies our family. The panels cost 5 000 laris,” Tornike says. As for the wind power plant, it is already switched to the
network, but only works in a testing regime right now. Tornike plans to renovate it in the near future.

“During the relevant natural conditions, this wind power plant generates about 1.5 kilowatts a day. It costs about 2 700 laris,” Tornike says and adds that using alternative energy sources gives the possibility to save money.

If he is unable to spend all the energy generated by his power plants, he sends it to the so-called net metering network (this system entered into force approximately 8 months ago and if you send the energy you generate to the common network, you will save more money on the bill for the next month).

Tornike Darjania has founded a company called Heliosenergy, together with his friends, and they can install the solar and wind power plants to anyone who wishes to follow this interesting example.

By Mariam Menabdishvili for

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