Coffee on bicycle - 19-year-old Georgian student's successful business
07 April, 2017
From now on Tbilisi citizens as well as tourists can enjoy a freshly brewed Turkish sand coffee straight from the bicycle. 19-year-old Georgian student Tsotne Kalichava is the person behind this creative idea. You might come across the young businessman moving throughout the city on his bicycle and offering freshly prepared coffee to the passersby.Tsotne currently studies at the Faculty of Business Administration and at the same time manages h
is coffee business by himself.

As he told Georgian Journal, this is his very first business and he is planning to perfect and develop Bicycle Coffee further. In the morning he attends lectures at the university and in the afternoon he delivers his unique coffee to different districts of the city.
“I attended Young Entrepreneurs School in Georgia that was carried out by Crystal foundation with the support of USAID. I have undergone training and at the final stage presented my business project in the US Embassy to the representatives of American business. As a result, I received funding and launched my own small business”, - Tsotne Kalichava told Georgian Journal.

“The idea of Bicycle Coffee popped into my mind, because coffee is part of my life and I wanted to make something that will be connected to it. Georgians love sand coffee but there were not many places in the city where one can enjoy such kind of coffee. So I decided to bring fresh coffee flavor to the city through my bicycle. It was a real novelty for the customers, because there was no such business on bike in Georgia. I designed the coffee brewing technology and the equipment by myself and constructed in the workshop with the help of my relative. On March 19 the entire mobility coffee shop was ready and on this date I started providing customers with tasty coffee. The presentation took place in Abanotubani, Tbilisi’s oldest historical district. The key secrets to my business are good quality Turkish coffee, freshly ground coffee beans and tea leaves”, - The young businessman noted.
“The very first feeling that my customers get is excitement, since they are surprised how it is possible to deliver fresh sand coffee through this way. Bicycle Coffee surprises not only locals but especially tourists. I lead my business alone and do my best to be as productive as possible during the entire day”, - he said.

19-year-old student provides his coffee to the customers from the afternoon till evening and at night he reads the materials for the university and plans his days ahead.

Author: Lika Chigladze

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