Air taxi service in Georgia: Flight from Tbilisi to Baku will cost you $6000
07 April, 2017
Commercial air taxi appeared in Georgia in December 2016. The private company offers planes of business standard for five persons at a time.

The flights are carried out inside the territory of Georgia as well as outside the country. For domestic flights, the taxi will take you anywhere where there is an airport and the price is at least 1500 US dollars, but raising depending on the time of flight.
As for the international flights, the travelling to Yerevan, Armenia
and back will cost you 3 850 US dollars and as for Baku, Azerbaijan, the price is 6 000 US dollars.

For the last 4 months, the air taxi has already carried out several flights to Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Iran and other neighboring countries.

By Narita Chkhaidze for

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