Georgian frozen potatoes hit the market
11 April, 2017
Georgia has started producing its own frozen potatoes for French fries. The company behind locally-produced ready potatoes is located in Akhaltsikhe’s village of Muskhi. At the first stage the frozen fries produced by Freco are available at Restaurants and Hotels throughout Tbilisi, but in the near future the company is planning to replace imported potatoes entirely. As Irakli Kurdadze, Head of Freco says, they use only local products to produce frozen fries. According to him, the potatoes are frozen at
minus 40 degrees and then packed into 2.5 kg portions.
As the company reports, they offer the customers 25% cheaper price than the importing companies. 1 kg Freco frozen potato costs 3.20 GEL.

“Apart from affordable prices, Freco’s another advantage is the high quality products. We use only Georgian goods and provide our consumers with 100 organic products. So Freco potato stands out for its unique taste”, - Irakli Kurdadze explains.

As Freco’s founder says, at present frozen potato is imported from Holland, Belgium and Poland, but Georgia has a significant potential to replace them.
Author: Kristine Gamtenadze