Promoting Georgia in the US - Hello Georgia
14 April, 2017
Georgia has become an increasingly touristic country that hosts more and more foreign visitors year by year. This sector plays a considerable role in the country’s economy, so every little positive step in this industry is a big leap for Georgia’s financial conditions and generally nation’s wellbeing. Travel agencies are the key players who attract foreign guests and present Georgia at its best to foreign tourists. Hello Georgia is one of the successful tour operators that aims to promote tourism
in the Republic of Georgia.

The company was founded by Shalva Kotashvili, a Computer Science specialist, in 2013 and in a very short time Hello Georgia has accumulated significant achievements in the tourism sector. The company has been featured at international exhibitions, signed agreements with such respected companies as Deutsche Bahn, Rail Europe, Amtrak, Thomas Cook, and Expedia. Additionally, in 2015 Hello Georgia was shortlisted in the nomination of the Best of Outbound Tour Operator at the International Tourism Competition.
Shalva Kotashvili, Head of Hello Georgia

As founder of the company Shalva Kotashvili says a global communications and advertising agency network Saatchi&Saatshi filmed a promotional video for the tour operator, offering unforgettable vacation in Georgia to the American tourists.

Hello Georgia offers a wide variety of tours to its guests throughout the country.

“The tours are as follows: Pilgrim, historical, cultural, ecological, recreational, musical, historic-ethnographical and others. Each tour is made more attractive with interactive events such as lessons in cooking, Georgian folk music and church chanting, wine-tasting, or an introduction to the oldest-known technology of wine-making. In addition to tours and air tickets Hello Georgia can also organize charter flights. For your convenience we offer full transportation services throughout the world and purchase of tickets to museums and special events at your destination”, - ShalvaKotashvili tells Georgian Journal.

ShalvaKotashvili travelled to the USA and personally established close ties with American partners. He signed agreements with the travel commerce network and became its official representative in Georgia as the CCRA Global Market Director.

Currently Hello Georgia’s core mission is to foster the inflow of American tourists in Georgia that the company has pursued successfully over recent years.