Ukrainian traveler opens coffee shop in Svaneti
22 April, 2017
Ukrainian lady Tanya Merzlaya has opened a café in one of the villages in Georgia’s remote Svaneti region. The idea to move to Georgia popped into her mind during one of her travels. Consequently, as soon as she found a vacancy at one of the hostels in Metsia, Svaneti’s center, she did not hesitate to apply to it. At the place where the traveler  opened her café there was no such thing before. The café is called Erti Kava that translates
to One Coffee.
The café has been operating for one month and a half and offering customers a wide variety of coffees. As for the prices, they are relatively high, since milk is brought from the nearest city and the coffee is imported from Ukraine. As the owner of the café says, the venue is equipped with high-quality Italian technique and tools. For instance one can get cappuccino for 7 GEL. The entrepreneur is expecting to get profit from her investment by the end of 18th month.

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