Simone Bodini´s Masterclass in Georgia: elit® Ultra Luxury VodkaBAYOU® Rum, KAH® Tequila, Stoli® Gluten Free Chat Conversation End
19 April, 2017
The Brand Ambassador of Stoli Group in Europe, Simone Bodini has held a masterclass for Georgian bartenders. On the first day he talked about elit® Ultra Luxury Vodka and elit® Art of Martini Tbilisi 2017 competition. elit® art of martini is the biggest global city-based competition, celebrating the world’s best bartenders from more than 60 cities.
The winner from each city will win an exclusive VIP trip to the luxurious elit® Vodka Ibiza Weekend 2017 to compete in the grand
final against all other winners from cities all around the world.

On April 21 Bodini visited Hard Rock Café in Tbilisi and talked about BAYOU® Rum, KAH® Tequila and Stoli® Gluten Free.

Rum is one of the strongest alcoholic drinks on the planet, which is made by complex processing of sugar cane. The aroma and taste of this drink varies according to the place it is made, which is directly linked to the great quantity of islands and their colorfulness. There are many categories of rum and each of them emphasizes its place of origin.

Simone Bodini talked about BAYOU® Rum, which is of super premium category and is originally from Louisiana. There are two types of this drink presented on the Georgian market: BAYOU® SPICED RUM and BAYOU® SELECT RUM. Bodini also introduced Stoli Group´s new brand KAH® Tequila, with a peculiar design but has a rich history. The shape of the bottle is of handmade skull, which is called “DAY OF THE DEAD TQUILA”. It is a Mexican drink of three types and all of them are in premium category, because they are made of 100% natural agave.

The third alcoholic drink presented by Bodini is completely new in Georgia.

Stoli® Vodka being an innovative brand who offered market Gluten Free spirit. Stoli® Vodka from Gluten Free Ingredients is made using the finest gluten free corn and buckwheat. Gluten (from Latin gluten, “glue”) is a mixture of proteins found in wheat and related grains, including barley and rye. Gluten causes health problems for sufferers of gluten-related disorders, including celiac disease (CD) which impacts 1–2 % of the population. Today, Stoli® Gluten Free became trendy, both in America and Europe, as well as in Georgia.

Bodini has held practical master classes as well, introducing many novelties and new recipes to Georgian bartenders.

The organizer of the event was Gagra Plus Company, which since 2002 has been operating on the Georgian market with leading alcoholic and non-alcoholic brands.