The story of unique bread made with Georgian endemic wheat
27 April, 2017
‘The idea of Mzetamze arose when I traveled to Svaneti and asked an old and very intelligent person whether the locals were healthy enough and if there were any problems in this regard’, - Irakli Chavleshvili, the Director of Mzetamze company says. ‘He told me that the Svanetians quit cultivating wheat as they prefer to buy bread in nearby towns. ‘From then on’, - he said, - ‘our immune system is deteriorat

That was the moment when Irakli got interested in wheat, which led to the discovery that there are 27 different species in the world, including 14 that are of Georgian origin. From those 14 six are endemic. Eventually, Mr. Chavleshvili got so interested in this field that he set up a company called Mzetamze, together with his three partners.

‘The nature itself has created everything on this earth in order for the humans to be humans, including immunity, beauty, common sense and many other things. Bread is one of those very important things. So our goal is to make the healthy food more affordable in Georgia’, - Chavleshvili says.

Mzetamze bread is made of Georgian endemic wheat flour, using Georgian traditional method. The only modern thing used is the electricity. As a result, the bread is very aromatic, extremely delicious and beneficial. It contains every micro-element, which a human being needs in order to be healthy.

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