Healthy veggie attracts Georgian consumers: How much asparagus costs on the market
29 April, 2017
Asparagus is becoming more and more popular in Georgia and the fact that one small bunch of this vegetable costs 7-8 GEL, serves as a proof to that. Georgians knew how essential and beneficial various herbs are, so in some regions of the country this type of product was actively consumed.

Some green-houses have started cultivating and producing asparagus recently. The demand is so big at international markets that Georgia could sell its delicious asparagus in foreign countries as well.

According to one local from Ozurgeti Hamlet Gobronidze who has been cultivating asparagus in his yard says,  Georgia has a potential of producing this vegetable and moreover exporting it to European markets.

As Arcangelo Lamberti, Italian traveler of 17th century, wrote, Samegrelo’s coast was covered in asparagus, while Georgian scholar Ivane Javakhishvili noted that the word satatsuri (Georgian for asparagus that means ‘something that is grabbed enthusiastically’) itself says a lot about how widely it was consumed in Georgia from ancient times.

“If I could grow asparagus at a vast land, then I could sell this vegetable at Georgian markets. Georgian restaurants and shops would buy it with big pleasure. One kilogram of asparagus is available for 25 GEL here. So why we could not cultivate and export to European countries as well,” – A local from Ozurgeti who grows asparagus for private consumption says.