Wine 'Oscar' for Georgia - Imeretian Maranuli receives historic award
19 May, 2017
Otskhanuri Sapere wine by Maranuli company has been awarded with the platinum prize at the Decanter competition.

This is the most outstanding ceremony for winemakers, approximately the same as Oscars for moviemakers.

The founder of Maranuli Giorgi Kiladze told that the competition is very prestigious and winning the main prize is a very difficult task.
‘For the last 10 years, Decanter has given out close to 16 000 golden, silver and bronze medals, but as for platinum prize, it
was only given 130 times. One of them was awarded to our Otskhanuri Sapere’, Kiladze says.

In order to take part in the competition, you have to fill in an electronic form. In addition, the winemaker will pay for the transportation and participation of the wine. Finally, you may get positive, negative or no answer at all from Decanter's representatives. Georgian wine has been involved in this competition for years and this is the first time it achieved success.

"This prize belongs not only to our company, of course we are proud of the best result, but it's important that Georgian wine has gained such success. In fact, it is the Georgian wine, the Georgian grape that was appreciated worldwide".

British Wine Magazine Decanter carries out the best wine selection and evaluation annually.

The procedure for choosing wine is absolutely unbiased. The jury chooses only aromas and tastes of wine, without knowing the name of the company. Competition bottles are completely closed, so that no one knows who the manufacturer is, because the label is hidden. That's exactly what happened with "Otskhanuri Sapere".

Author: Narita Chkaidze