Young Georgian farmer producing quail eggs in Kakheti
28 May, 2017
22-year-old Nino Tsintsalashvili began producing quail eggs two years ago. The young farmer has about 60 quails in winter and by the summer their number will increase to 600. Nino provides her products to the stores in the towns of Kakheti region: Gurjaani, Sagarejo and Telavi.

The idea to begin this enterprise came to her when she was still a child and when she saw her uncle going hunting and coming back with his bag full of quails. Nino then
was trying to save them from inevitable death.

‘I saved some of them, took care of them and then freed them. In 2015 we brought dozens of quails to our house. Then I received GEL 5 000 in the frames of ‘Produce in Georgia’ program and I purchased my own incubator, the cages and so on. However, it should be noted that I don’t always keep the quails in cages. This is not a domestic bird and it needs some freedom sometimes. So I let them out very often. In winter they stop laying eggs and it becomes harder to keep them, because they eat a lot more’.

The young farmer says, the main goal of her enterprise is to help the children who have problems with talking. She says quail eggs help them to overcome this problem. Nino is a 5th year student at the Tbilisi State University’s Medical department and she also works on two places. In the future, she plans to bring the quail eggs to Tbilisi as well.

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