Bon Repas – The place to relax and forgive easily
07 June, 2017
“I am sorry for what I said when I was hungry…” - these are the words we often say and it’s even easier to say them if you visit a newly-opened café "Bon Repas" in Tbilisi. After delicious lunch everything will be easy for you. Sandwiches, wraps, salads, soups, Italian coffee, English tea, cakes, granola, zucchini humus, quiche, fruit salad, croissants, muffins. Here you can find everything that will help you relax, fill yourself with energy and prepare for a
good day.
Bon Repas is a café with a completely new and unique concept for Georgian market.

“We don’t serve fast food we serve fresh food as fast as we can!” – this is the motto you’ll notice as soon as entering Bon Repas. There are two types of refrigerators here – hot and cold. Hot refrigerator offers soups and other hot dishes as for the cold one it is full with triangle sandwiches, wraps, salads and sweets.
Customers help themselves with food packed in the individual containers and pay in one of the two counters.

Such concept is new and unusual for Georgia, although it is widely adopted in Great Britain and the United States. Bon Repas is gaining popularity due to its quality products and fast service . This is the place where hot or cold dishes are already prepared and waiting for the customer, but it is not fast food, it is healthy and fresh food delivered in fast way. Café Bon Repas is already attracting quite an interest in Tbilisi. Foreigners are particularly pleased with this novelty. Georgians are gradually getting acquainted with this new concept - a cafe with self-service.
All the dishes offered in the café have one common characteristic. They do not have a night life. This means that hot or cold food is prepared daily in the morning and is only sold during the day. You cannot see previous day's products in Bon Repas. The kitchen is too busy. Hot dishes, sauces, mayonnaise are all made locally from the highest quality ingredients. This provides the healthiness of the dishes.

Bon Repas triangular sandwiches are made with Austrian 4-grain rye bread. Bon Repas makes their own dressings, mayo, pesto, sauces only from high quality ingredients in order to deliver the best taste for you.
Coffee-lovers are offered Italian coffee Caffe Vernano 1882, which is available only in a few other places in Tbilisi.

Bon Repas helps customers to maintain and control calorie intake. Information regarding calories are available on price tags which helps people to select the desired dishes.
Bon Repas customers are representatives of various segments. Some customers prefer to take away their lunch or coffee, others are looking for a delicious lunch at spot and Bon Repas offers several kinds of lunch menus. Part of the guests stay at the café longer. They meet friends and business partners here or simply come to work. Free Wi-Fi is available here.
It does not matter whether you want to drink coffee or eat a tasty and delicious lunch; whether you're meeting a business partner or a childhood friend. Bon Repas is the best choice for unique offers. Here you can find a pleasant mood along with delicious dishes paired with a unique design.