How Tbilisi’s new University Metro Station looks like now
21 June, 2017
The construction work at the University metro station has entered the final stage and the first photos from the underground platform are already attracting attention of internet users. This is how the 23rd metro station of Tbilisi looks like.

As a reminder, the construction works began in May 2015 and will cost the budget more than 83 million Georgian laris.
In the frames of the project, the exiting tunnels were restored and their overall length reached 2.6 kilometers. The entrances
into the station will be from Vazha-Pshavela Avenue as well as from Sandro Euli Street. In all, there will four entrances.
Electricity substations, escalators, ventilation and drainage systems, alarm management, fire protection systems and spare loadings are installed.

The completion of works in the University metro station is scheduled for the current summer.
The launch of a new metro station will allow more than 15,000 visitors to Tbilisi and the capital of the city to move faster and safer.
Photos by Mariam Menabdishvili

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