Wine ice cream with churchkhela appears in Tbilisi
27 June, 2017
Unique Ice cream with the most authentic Georgian taste has hit the market. Ice roll with the aroma of famous Georgian wine Khvanchkara, garnished with pieces of Georgian organic candy Churchkhela, is already available at newly opened ice cream shop Ice 'N Rolls. The most unusual ice cream is made according to Thai technology. One can choose any flavor and observe how the ice cream of his/her choice is prepared. Ice rolls have appeared in Thailand recently and quickly gained
popularity throughout the country as the most natural ice cream. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that the consumer chooses the ingredients for his ice cream, after which the delicacy is prepared right before his eyes in a few minutes. Ingredients are crushed on a special installation and then it is cooled to -30 degrees. The dessert is served in the form of rolls, that is why it is called "ice roll". The most Georgian ice cream with the taste of churchkhela and Khvanchkara is prepared as follows: semi-sweet wine is added to the milk mixture, and then the frozen rolls are served with sliced churchkhela (candy made from grape juice and must). The newly established Georgian company Ice 'N Rolls offers the consumer to choose two of 40 natural ingredients (fruits, nuts), from which you can make more than 700 combinations of different ice creams.

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