New City Center Hotel opens in Tbilisi
04 July, 2017
Another City Center hotel was opened in the center of Tbilisi on July 3. The premium class four-star hotel is located on Queen Tamar Avenue. The hotel is a part of one of the fastest growing hotel networks, City Group, which, in addition to City Center, also holds City Avenue.

Along with management, the hotel was officially opened by the Mayor of Tbilisi, Davit Narmania. According to him, opening a new hotel in
the capital is a good way for the employment of citizens and economic development.
"Although there are already many hotels in our city, increased tourism flow and various activities that are taking place in our city leads to additional demand. Therefore, the opening of each new hotel is important for our city because it increases budgetary revenues. I congratulate the hotel management and the group that decided to open the hotel in our capital.”
According to hotel Manager General Giorgi Keinishvili, City Center offers customers high quality service, comfortable environment and pleasant atmosphere.

"We are glad to have opened the City Center, which is the second hotel of City Group. We offer customers 84 rooms, fitness club, conference hall, cafes and bars. 40 people are employed in the hotel at the moment. We think that this project is very important for this city and for the country in general," Keinishvili stated.
According to Levan Papiashvili, deputy director of the hotel, the growing number of tourists in the country is due to the implementation of such projects.

"First of all I congratulate the company on the opening of this wonderful hotel. Taking into consideration such a surplus tourist flow in the city and in the country it is now very important to open such a high class hotel," Papiashvili said.