Pelamushi with dried fruit and walnuts hits the market - Georgian students' startup
14 July, 2017
New Georgian product, grape pudding with dried fruit and walnuts, known as pelamushi, hit the local market 3 months ago. The modern version of traditional Georgian sweet appeared on the market under the label "Gamarjoba" (Hello).

As Aleko Zarnadze, one of the persons behind of the startup said, they produce Pelamushi with different kinds of dried fruit and walnuts.

“Our product hit the market approximately 3 months ago. At this stage we offer a variety of products to customers –
Pelamushi with dried apricot, dried plum, nuts and walnuts. As for the name, it is a double pleasure when your own product that says hello (Gamarjoba in Georgian) to you upon entering the supermarket. That's why we decided to give our product name “Gamarjoba” (Hello) – Zarnadze stated.

According to him, he started the business together with his friends – Beqa Qatamadze and Irakli Gogilidze. As for the production, the product is made in the family cellar.

“At this stage, our business is only a startup. We started everything with our own expenses. Now we want to expand our production. We are waiting for some funding from “The School of Young Entrepreneurs” and after that we are going to increase the variety of products. We would like to offer customers Pelamushi with fresh fruit as well. As for future plans, at this stage we want to occupy tourist places and then we might export the product abroad.

Author: Taia Ardoteli

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