Wataniya Airways PR Director captivated by Georgia
20 July, 2017
Wataniya Airways, the latest Kuwaiti national aviation company, launched its first scheduled flights from Kuwait International Airport to Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, with three flights to and from Kuwait per week. Wataniya Airways will make regular flights between the capitals of the two countries from 11 July until 29 October, every Monday, Tuesday and Friday, with aircrafts of A320 type.

Relevant permission was made from the Civil Aviation Agency On June 30th, 2017.

The first flight was made from
Kuwait to Tbilisi on 11th July 2017. The passengers of the first flight were ITHC chairman Dr. Hamad Altuwajry, board members and high management of Wataniya Airways, VIP guests like the ambassador of Georgia in Kuwait and some businessmen and guests from local and international media.

The agreement between Georgia and Kuwait was signed in 2012. There were multiple charter flights between the capitals of the two countries in 2014-2016.

We interviewed Wataniya Airways Public Relations Director, Ms. Lana Alresheed, really strong and successful woman. She spoke about her career, the company’s work and future plans and her impressions about Georgia. As she told us, she started her career in hotel of Kuwait and after few years ago she became director of sales and marketing.

Lana Alresheed, Wataniya Airways Public Relations Director

According to her, this is her first job in aviation. Otherwise, she has a lot of interests in life and the most important from them is charity.

“My first interest in life is to do charity. I do a lot of charity. I’ve done an amazing charity trips in Yemen, in Kenya, in Syrian borders and I love it”, - Lana Lana Alresheed said.

We asked Lana to elaborate on company’s work and interests. As she announced, the company Wataniya Airways has special relations with its customers and their main goal is to make them feel comfortable and positive.

“As for Wataniya Airways, we established the idea of new style of airlines, which takes care of customer since the booking, until the time he arrives. And the one feels that airplane isn’t just airplane, it’s already like a home, your home in the sky. We insist having different, positive company, where the journey starts with big smile and positive energy and everyone is friendly to you. We choose very specific new destinations and one of them is Tbilisi”, - Wataniya Airways Public Relations Director noted.

When asking Lana Alresheed about what is the main interest of the company Wataniya Airways in Georgia and why is this country attractive to them, her answer was:

“When Mrs. Nino, founder of the company Interco Travel, showed me presentation about Georgia, I was totally amazed. My reaction was like, “great! It is so beautiful! Why I did not know about it before?” And it takes only 2 hours and 20 minutes from our country to arrive in Georgia! It will be good for the one who wants to spend a weekend here. Only this short period of time and you are already in Europe! I am sure that this partnership will continue in future. I always feel in advance whether things go well or not. From the moment I arrived in Tbilisi, from the moment I cooperated with Interco Travel, I felt that we are a team. When you have good team in both countries, of course you will succeed”, - Lana Alresheed explained.

Lana Alresheed with Nino Makhviladze

As Nino Makhviladze, founder of the company Interco Travel said, they have been working in tourism sector for many years.

“Our main focus is working with tourists. Bringing airlines from Kuwait is the second project after Cairo. We have been planning to work with Kuwait for many years. Of course we were in Kuwait to find out how well they know Georgia. I was so happy to see that the first airplane arrived full in Tbilisi. I hope that this project will be successful both for my country and for my company as well”, founder of the company Interco Travel noted.

Author: Bedisa Dumbadze

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