The easiest way to make Khinkali – Novel mind-blowing Georgian product
16 October, 2017
Now anyone can prepare delicious Georgian dumplings Khinkali without much effort in very short time. The production of ready Khinkali dough sheets has started in Georgia. The product is labeled Tsomi, that literally means dough in Georgian, is anan innovative product that will enable anyone to make popular and most-belowed Georgian dish in super quick and easy way. The person behind this mind-blowing idea and product is Nikoloz Sarajev.
The product has just appeared on the market, but it has
already caused massive interest. Those who love this delicious dumplings now can prepare them in a few minutes by themselves at home. The ready flattened dough makes preparing traditional Georgian dish Khinkali much easier.

Khinkali is a Georgian dumpling with mined meat and herbs, which originated in the Georgian mountain regions of Pshavi, Mtiuleti and Khevsureti. It is the most popular traditional dish with locals and tourists alike. 36-year-old Nikoloz Sarajev is a chef himself. He came up with the idea of producing the Khinkali dough a year ago and since then he has been working to deliver this novel product to the customers. According to him, the main goal of the successful startup was easing the preparing process of Khinkali, that in reality is quite time-consuming and difficult process.
Several restaurants,have already begun using this ready rolled round dough s for preparing Khinkali.

As author of the idea stated, he did not expect his product to become such popular on social networks in a few days. The product is not for sale in any market at this stage. Customers can buy Khinkali dough sheets only at factory so far.

The package includes 10 dough sheets . The product is planned to exported abroad in the near future.

“The quality of the product is our top priority. Our product contains only flour, water and salt,maintaining khinkali’s authenticity. " - Head of the company reports.

Author: Tako Mateshvili

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