Georgian mobile cottages to appear on the market in 1 month
02 November, 2017
New Georgian brand of mobile cottages, which can be assembled in 25 minutes, will appear on the market from November 30. Initially, only 9 square meter cottages will be sold and the price will be determined according to the customer's demand. However, the approximate price of the cottages will be GEL 5 000 (USD 1995). According to the founder of Levan Tkemaladze, it may be possible to offer customers a choice of GEL 4 500.

"The price is
determined according to the requirements of a particular customer", - he explains.

The price will also be determined according to the communications. Levan Tkemaladze says the company has several options for sewage and waste processing - "If the location gives us the opportunity to be connected to the central sewage system, the cottage will be installed in advance and we will only need to connect the pipes; If the land or locality does not allow this, then there are special waste management systems, affordable as well as very expensive, which we will offer to interested people", founder says.
According to Levan Tkemaladze, at first it will be possible to order a portable cottage via the company's website and later it will be available at several construction material hypermarkets.

"The cottages will not appear at hypermarkets as early as from the end of this month, since some negotiations are necessary, but we are working on this", - Tkemaladze says.

This year, portable cottages may appear on winter resorts.

"We have interesting offers especially from Mestia and Gudauri. These are mostly enterprises who want to buy the cottages and then set up complexes’’, - Tkemaladze says. originally created a prototype, whose area is 9 square meters and it consists of seven parts. The wooden frame is used to make the walls.

Author: Mariam Menabdishvili

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