Residential complex Green Diamond – the best New Year present with 20% discount
05 December, 2017
Along with other pleasant news, the New Year is associated with discounts as well. Almost all the companies and shops are trying to offer special promotions and discounts for customers, which, apart from being one of the best ways to say thank you to the loyal clients, is also the best opportunity to attract new customers.

Although the New Year discounts seem to be a tradition, it is relatively unusual for the real estate companies to offer such things. But
MAQRO Construction is destroying the stereotypes and offers unprecedented 20% discount for the residential complex Green Diamond. This is the second year the company is offering such a huge in real estate, 20% discount. Last New Year many people used this opportunity and made a precious present for them and their families. MAQRO Construction continues to surprise customers this New Year also and gives a chance to start a life in the best residential complex in the city.

20% discount is available for the full payment, but the customers who are not able to pay full amount MAQRO Construction still provides to them the opportunity to get discounted price.

Clients need to Hurry up as the offer is valid from 1st of December till 31th of December.

The current discount, as well as the prices atthe Green Diamond, is really beneficial for many reasons. In general, the prices of real estate are increasing significantly andtherefore, it is better if costumers take advantage of these discounts and buy apartments for affordable prices. For example, the first phase at the Green Diamond began from $750 for a square meter that wasincreased to $1200. However, from 1st of December till December 31, customers will be able to purchase real estate with the launching price of the first stage, so this is the best chance that customers should not miss!

One of the biggest advantage of the complex is its location. The construction of Green Diamond is in the ecologically clean district of Tbilisi - Dighomi, next to the Olympic facilities. Day by day the value of the area is increasing as the city lacks the area where people have fresh air and ecologically clean, green environment, where people can live healthy, relax in a peaceful atmosphere and breath fresh air.

Acquisition of a flat in Green Diamondis beneficial for residential as well as for investment purposes. Today everyone unanimously admits that real estate is the best way to invest. This is indicative of the growing prices at the Maqro Construction residential complex. Property acquired at favorable terms may be a source of permanent returns, and you may even be able to sell the apartment for twice it was acquired.

For those who choose Green Diamonds as a residential place, it is really a special offer. All apartments of the first stage were sold 9 months before the completion of construction. Currently the apartments are for sale in the second phase, which includes 244 residential and 26 commercial spacesfrom 31 square meters to 250 square meters. Construction will be completed in May 2019.

These residential and commercial spaces will be located in 2 high floor blocks. There will be everything that will satisfy the daily needs of the residents, including shops, markets, a café, a restaurant, a pharmacy, a bank, a beauty salon and other institutions. The inhabitants will enjoy green environment with swimming pools, sports and leisure areas.

Anyone who buys a flat at the Maqro Construction residential complex will receive it on a turnkey basis, which includes kitchen furniture with a built-in gas cooker, oven and ventilation. Individual heating boiler will be installed in the apartment. The bathroom will be also equipped with furniture: a washstand with a sink, bath or shower. The floor in the bathroom, in the entrance and in the kitchen will be covered with ceramic tiles and in the rooms will there be laminated flooring.

The residential complex, which includes three stages, is located on an area of 70 000 square meters. The total area of the terrace is 23.143 square meters. Overall, 23 residential blocks will be constructed to hold 1772 apartments.The construction of the third stage of the complex is also planned in the near future.

For the customers who are interested in buying an apartment can visit Green Diamond new Sales office in Digomi, in the complex construction area, next to the Olympic facilities. For the detailed information please contact 032 200 10 10 or visit