New fast loan in Georgia – more flexible and more comfortable Kimbi
29 December, 2017
Fast loanor Popular name in Georgia Sesxebi is available in many financial organizations, but most flexible and most comfortable one is Kimbi’s product.
Kimbi is a brand, which appeared on Georgian market in October 2017 and offers to Georgian customers online instalment loans.
You can get loans from 500 to 3000 Lari and pay it in 3 – 24 month.
Kimbi’s service is very easy and very fast, because every operation can be done onl
ine and you can get money in several minutes
For getting a loan, you can open it’s official web-page and register yourself as a customer.
For registration you have to choose amount of money on calculator, fill in several fields and write down your personal information.
After it you can apply for a loan
If your application will be approved you will get money on your personal bank account after few minutes.
Taking a loan from is available for customer who apply following needs:
• Is not younger than 20 years old;
• Is not older than 60 years old;
• Is a citizen of Georgia;
• Has a personal bank account in Tbc Bank, Bank of Georgia or in Tera bank;
• Can pay a loan.
Money, taken from Kimbi, can be used for different expenses, for example:
• To finance your small business idea
• To finance your traveling plan
• To financeyour own or your family member’s education
• To financemedical expenses
• To finance your hobby
• To buy a new furniture for house
• To buy new car or fixing old one
• To buynew home appliances
• To finance other expenses
Also customer should notice that Kimbi is a brand of international financial company 4Finance, that’s why it has an international standard’s, what makes it more reliable, more safe and more comfortable for every customer.