Three most best-selling Georgian wines in Europe
18 January, 2018
Apart from the quality, Georgian wine is also measured by various different factors in Georgia as well as abroad.

It is noteworthy that almost all wine producing companies spread similar data on sales and it looks like this: 45% of bottled wines sold in Georgia are Saperavi wines and the advantage is given to the ones produced in Khashmi, Kondoli and Khodasheni microzones. Approximately the same goes about
Rkatsiteli. It is also worth mentioning that this includes wines made from Rkatsiteli and other varieties of grapes. And from the remaining 10% about 7- 8% is produced from the grapes grown in western Georgia - Alexandrouli, Aladasturi, Mujuretuli, Tvishi, Usakhelauri and others. But bottled wines such as Tsitska, Khikhvi, Chinuri and others are produced in small quantities and are sold in small amounts.
Georgian wine

We see a fairly opposite picture of the sales if we look at how Georgian wines are sold in Europe. According to the data provided by wine companies, the picture is the following: Saperavi - 75%, Rkatsiteli (with blend and variations) - 20%, Khvanchkara, Usakhelouri and other 5%.
As it is known, in Ukraine you can buy fake Khvanchkara for 4-5 GEL and Saperavi – for 2-3 GEL. Consequently, it is best to find the data of big Georgian wine companies to determine the accuracy of Georgian wine sales in Europe, than the data of the country where a lot of low quality and fake wine is sold as Georgian wine.
After the Russian embargo on Georgian wine, Georgian winemakers faced with serious problems. They either should have abandoned large-scale production of wine and move on to a small production, and / or think about the alternative ways to offer European customers a high quality product at a discounted price. That's why wine-making companies have brought viticulture specialists and experts from abroad.
Finally, Georgian grape varieties such as: Shavkapito (Kartli), Sapere (Imereti), Khikhvi (Georgia), Kisi (Kakheti) and others have a promising future in terms of sales, not only in Georgia, but also in Europe. Today, there are only three types of Georgian wines in Europe: Rkatsiteli, Saperavi and Khvanchkara.

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