Georgian products represented at International Green Week Berlin
23 January, 2018
Berlin International Exhibition Green Week is one of the largest and most prestigious agricultural exhibitions in the world, traditionally held in Germany for 83 years.

Georgian companies participate annually in the exhibition with the support of the Government of Georgia.

This year, up to 20 Georgian companies producing wine, chacha (Georgian pomace brandy) lemonade, juice, tea, honey, churchkhela (traditional Georgian candle-shaped candy), jam, nuts, dried fruits and sauces are represented within the frames of the exhibition.

Georgian Journal contacted Baia
Abuladze, Georgia's successful lady winemaker and one of the participants of International Green Week Berlin:
Georgian lady winemaker Baia Abuladze represents her product at IGW

“IGW is one of the largest international exhibitions which takes place in Berlin, including fascinating world of the food and beverage industries. This is where over 76 international ministries and food producers meet.

Guests of the fair will see Georgian products at the Georgian stand, including famous dishes from Georgian cuisine, Georgian wine and a huge variety of Georgian products.
Georgian products represented at IGW

About 20 Georgian companies are represented in Berlin's Green Week, with with the support of Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia. Tourist destinations of Georgia are also actively popularized” - Baia elaborated.

This year, "Green Week 2018" (Gruene Woche 2017) has more than 1600 companies participating from various countries, offering more than 100,000 food products to customers.

The number of visitors to the exhibition exceeds 400 000.

This year the exhibition "Green Week" partner country, along with Germany, is Bulgaria.

After signing the Association Agreement with the European Union, popularization of Georgian products is of particular importance to international markets.
Georgian beverages showcased at IGW

Accordingly, Georgia is presented with diverse products this year. Otar Danelia, Chairman of the Committee on Agrarian Issues of the Parliament of Georgia and Temporary Envoy of Georgia in the Federal Republic of Germany Levan Diasamidze attended the exhibition in Berlin.

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