Enkeni - Georgian Apple Chips made with innovative technology go on sale
29 January, 2018
Apple chips created by Georgian students of Agrarian University go on sale. A group of food technology students at Georgia’s Agricultural University have started producing apple chips a few months ago. They have recently entered 10 branches of Nikora Supermarket, 8 of which are located in Tbilisi, mainly in Saburtalo District and 2 – in the town of Bakuriani. It should be mentioned that the company plans to bring its healthy products not only to supermarkets and shops, but to
fitness centers as well.

Georgian Journal has contacted one of the co-authors of the idea Tamar Sheitnishvili, who elaborated on the history of creating this innovative product, its success, current sales and future plans.

According to Tamar, Enkeni is a healthy, crisp and tasty snack in which the beneficial properties of apples are maintained.
Enkeni is a healthy, crisp and tasty snack

“For the first time our project won the Estonian Competition. All universities participated and there were more than 100 teams. We took the first place, which meant 5 000 GEL and training in Estonia, as well as visiting various companies and getting acquainted with their activities. This was a great experience and a push to continue our work. We had a CBC Group contest and we were in Denmark where we met young people (from almost every country) with interesting ideas and projects. We received suggestions about exporting our product.
Then we took part in the competition announced by Startup Georgia and were financed by 100 000 GEL. It was a great success, because we were one of the winners among many other ideas” – Tamar elaborated.
Tamar Sheitnishvili notes that the representatives of the company are currently working on increasing the productivity.It is also noteworthy that selling of Apple Chips has been already successful at the Fitness Center Oktopus. The first stage of the expansion plan is linked to the mastering of whole Tbilisi.
Selling of Apple Chips has been already successful at the Fitness Center Oktopus

“This product can be purchased in Nikora network, at 10 branches, and we are going to expand and enter all branches. Enkeni is also sold at the fitness club Oktopus. At this stage we have negotiations with other fitness clubs, as well as bars and the vending machine company” – Tamar told Georgian Journal.

Author: Bedisa Dumbadze

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