EU remains the main trading partner of Georgia - Sajjad Karim
01 February, 2018
According to the statement of the chairperson of the Georgia-EU Association Committee Sajjad Karim, Georgia is a clearly expressed leader among the Eastern Partnership countries. According to him, large-scale reforms have been carried out in many directions in the country. As the publication notes, the EU remains the main trading partner of Georgia and thanks to the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area Agreement, Georgian products are on the EU market.
Flags of EU an Georgia

"Not only the country
has made large-scale reforms, but also government officials and politicians, disregarding their party affiliation, have made significant efforts in order to promote the activities of EU in Georgia, and it is very impressive. The 5th Session of the Parliamentary Association Committee, which was held in Tbilisi last September, was another successful meeting within which the final application and recommendations were adopted. The meeting also demonstrated that all political forces are working together to deepen the country's European integration.
Sajjad Karim

Our Georgian colleagues pay much attention to the Georgian citizens' visa-free travel to the EU in March 2017. The system is still functioning smoothly, only a small number of violations are observed. The European trajectory of Georgia was also revealed during consultations with the Council of Europe’s Venice Commission regarding the constitutional reform. Despite the fact that the consensus between the majority and the opposition could not be achieved on all issues, this fact indicates the maturity of Georgian democracy. I also want to emphasize that the EU is Georgia's main trading partner, taking one third of the country's total trade. Thanks to the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area, Georgian products are exported to the EU markets, and we are glad to see Georgian nuts, walnuts, kiwi, garlic, wine, and more products on our table", - Sajjad Karim noted.
The European Parliament's International Trade Committee discussed the three EU associate partners - Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine on implementation of Association Agreement. At the meeting, the Speaker of the Parliament of Georgia Andris Mamikins and the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee of the EU-Georgia Association Agreement, Georgia's Permanent Representative to the European Union Nata Sabanadze also addressed the European Parliamentarians.

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