Georgia to increase its exports to Turkey
22 February, 2018
Quotas set on Georgian lemon, kiwi, grape, dried fruit and other products have been abolished in Turkey. Meanwhile, Georgia and Turkey have agreed to widen an existing free trade agreement.

The final round of negotiations was held in the Turkish capital of Ankara, where the meeting between the delegations of the two countries took place.
The final round of negotiations was held in Ankara

Georgian delegation was headed by the First Vice-Premier of Georgia, Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development Dimitri
Kumsishvili, while Turkish delegation was led by Turkey’s Minister of Economy Nihat Zeybekci.

Within the framework of the agreement, quotas set on Georgian lemon, kiwifruit, grape, dried fruit, fruit ,canned vegetable, juices and food ingredients, were abolished.

Additionally, the quotas have increased on products such as honey, which is quite popular product in Turkey. The quotas have also increased on live sheep, goat and cattle.
Dimitri Kumsishvili

"According to the results of the negotiations, Georgian producers will soon be able to increase export volume to Turkey by 20 percent ", Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development Dimitri Kumsishvili noted after the negotiations.

As he said, it is no less important that free trade will also cover trade in services (the sale and delivery of an intangible product between a producer and consumer).The negotiations will be held for discussing this topic.
Nihat Zeybekci

"Today, we discussed the issue of renewing the Free Trade Agreement between our countries together with Georgia’s First Vice-Prime Minister and the Georgian delegation. The meeting was very positive and productive. We want trade relationship between Georgia and Turkey without restrictions. We would like to increase trading volume and make the relationship firmer” - Turkey’s Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekci noted after meeting.

According to the statistics, currently Turkey is Georgia’s top trade partner.

It is also noteworthy that trade turnover between Georgia and Turkey in 2017 reached $1.58 billion.

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