From Soviet Union to modern cities –Tbilisi, Baku, Yerevan and their skyscrapers
14 March, 2018
Tbilisi, Baku, Yerevan – the capital cities of the three post-soviet countries, which are trying to wash away the trace of the Soviet past and turn into modern cities. Basically, transition is expressed through the architecture.

Over the past decades, the construction boost has not ceased in Tbilisi. The urbanists protest several ongoing constructions and complain that the constructions in the city should be developed in accordance with the general plan and chaotic constructions should be banned. However, there are
many distinguished and obviously good buildings among the newly built ones.

In recent times, the special emphasis is put on skyscrapers in Tbilisi. Tbilisi TV Tower is not the only symbol of the city anymore. The hotel Biltmore Tbilisi,which is visible from every corner of the city, became one of the new symbols of Tbilisi. As for the old districts of Tbilisi, they cause surprise of any visitor with their unique architecture.
Previously, Baku was coined as a “black city” polluted by oil. Nowadays, the capital of Azerbaijan replaces Soviet architecture with modern buildings. As a result, Baku is already called “the white city.” Western media stresses that Baku strives for becoming the city of architectural wonders, just like Dubai.

The city is gaining modern appearance day by day and preserving the old part of city simultaniously.

Yerevan has been the capital of Armenia since 1918. The city’s architecture was influenced by the medieval Europe. However, nowadays there are only small remains of the old Yerevan . There are controversial approaches towards this issue. Part of the society and the urbanists protest construction of the modern buildings replacing historic ones. On the other hand, part of them welcomes the modern constructions.

Generally the appearance of the city is determined by distinctive buildings. Subsequnetly here we discuss the highest buildings of these three capitals.
In recent times, the hotel Biltmore Tbilisi located in the 32-floor building of 138 meters height, became the symbol of Georgia’s capital. The hotel is the distinctive building of Tbilisi. Yet the original building of IMELI that was constructed a century ago also stood out for its design and appearance. Historic building where the first constitution was adopted was the very first public building in South Caucasus which was built using new building material, reinforced concrete.

The Biltmore Collectionis the brand of the luxury hotels, which opens the first representation of Millennium & Copthorne. Millennium & Copthorne Hotels is the owner of 120 hotels throughout the world, asset manager or business manager. The $ 140 million investment in the construction of the hotel was made by "Dhabi Group".
SOCAR Tower is the tallest building in Baku. The construction completed in 2016. SOCAR Tower is the tallest building in Azerbaijan and in the entire region of the Caucasus as well. The height of the building in total is 196 meters, while the height of its functional part camounts to 171 meters. The building has 42 floors, with two of them located underground. SOCAR Tower is the headquarter of Socar. The building was designed by the South Korean company Heerim Architects. The skyscraper is one of the good examples of structural expressionism. The building is based on the concept of "wind and fire". It is composed of two towers which curve around each other as they rise. 414 million USD was spent for the construction of SOCAR Tower.

Elite Plaza Business Center is the tallest building in Yerevan, which was opened in February 2013. The total height of the 19-floor building is 85 meters. The building was built by Elite Group. International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group, teamed up with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) to manage the financial issues related with construction. Their goal was to build the first high-class multipurpose office building in Armenia. The business center is located in the historic part of Yerevan. The business center is divided into two parts - trading center and office space.