What Imeli building and place where first OSCARS ceremony was held have in common
22 March, 2018
Over recent years, the popularity of Georgia as a tourist destination has sharply increased. International travelers are interested in the country’s historic past and modern development as well.

As for Georgia’s capital Tbilisi, it attracts the travelers not only with its historic past, but the modern buildings or restored old architecture as well as with its vibrant nightlife.

Hotel Biltmore Tbilisi became one of
the symbols of the modern Tbilisi. The building itself attracts the attention of each local or the tourist. To feed your interest we offer the exciting facts about Hotel Biltmore Tbilisi, which was opened in 2016.

Biltmore Tbilisi is the part of Millennium Hotels & Resorts’s Biltmore Collection. Biltmore Collection includes only the hotels of the highest class, built on the places with the historic part.

For example, Millennium Biltmore Los Angeles is located in the building which was constructed in 1920s, where the first Academy Awards ceremony was held. Moreover, several Hollywood films were shot in this building.

The same collection includes Grand Hotel Palace Roma, which was built in the 20s of the 20th century, The Bailey's Hotel London, which counts 120 years of existence already and is located in the Victorian epoch building, Millennium Knickerbocker Chicago (Chicago), built in 1920s.

As for the Hotel Biltmore Tbilisi, the inspiration for its construction came from the hotel Millennium Biltmore Los Angeles’s style – in the interior of the hotel one can feel Hollywood glamour from the 20s. For example, the lobby of the IMELI building and the main restaurant of the hotel, “Sonnet” will make you feel like the guest of the beginning of the 20th century.

Biltmore Tbilisi, as the part of the Biltmore Collection, is located in the historic building. This is Imeli building – the typical example of the Soviet architecture. It was built by the same person who designed Lenin's mausoleum in Moscow - Alexey Shchusev. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, it housed the Parliament of Georgia were the first constitution of the independent Georgia was adopted.

Nowadays, the conferences of the international level are held in the historic amphitheater of Imeli building. Biltmore Tbilisi is the only hotel in Georgia which is located in such historic building.

Biltmore Tbilisi is architecturally expressing the connection between the country’s past and future – by combining the historic building and ultra-modern skyscraper, the architecture of the hotel stresses the historic heritage and striving for the development. The transparent glass bridge connects these two buildings.

Biltmore Tbilisi is the tallest building not only in Georgia, but throughout the Caucasus Region as well. The height of the building reaches 138 meters.
The opening ceremony of the Biltmore Tbilisi was the most large-scale and attractive hotel opening ceremony throughout the world, after the hotels of Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

The managing company of the Biltmore Tbilisi is Millennium Hotels and Resorts, while the owner is “Dhabi Group.” The head of the “Dhabi Group” is Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, member of the Abu Dhabi Royal Family and Minister of Presidential Affairs for the UAE.
Hotel Biltmore Tbilisi is the first representative of the Millennium Hotels and Resorts in the Caucasus Region. Biltmore Tbilisi fully satisfies all requirements of the lux class hotels. As usual, the tourists with high income are always looking for such hotels.

Biltmore Tbilisi has the largest area devoted for the conferences in the heart of the city. Biltmore Tbilisi also offers its guests the largest spa center located in the heart of the city.