Medieval and once abandoned Mutso village in Khevsureti being rehabilitated
10 April, 2018
Medieval and once abandoned Mutso village in Khevsureti being rehabilitated
The rehabilitation and maintenance works are being carried out in Georgia’s once abandoned historic village of Musto located in magnificent Khevsureti Region, eastern Georgia.

Mutso is an ancient small village in Georgia’s Khevsureti region. The village was almost completely abandoned about a century ago, yet the old dwellings and strongholds have been maintained till today. The beautiful and lonely tower visible among the harsh rocky mountains is one of the remains of once inhabited place.

According to the legend the
village was established by five brothers. The legend also states that treasury guarded by Mutso’s inhabitants over the centuries is still kept in the high mountains around Mutso waiting for the chosen one to come. At present Mutso serves as a touristic site that leaves its visitors speechless.
Mutso is located in magnificent Khevsureti Region, eastern Georgia

Opening of family hotels and hostels are planned after finishing the rehabilitation process in Mutso, the castle town of a historic importance located in Georgia’s Khevsureti Region. As reported, the medieval castle town and its unique architectureare no longer under the threat of destruction.
Opening of family hotels and hostels is planned in Mutso. Photo courtesy Giorgi Nikolava

Rehabilitation works are supposed to be finished till summer. According to the head of the National Agency for Cultural Heritage Protection, Nikoloz Antidze, at this stage there is only the infrastructure of primary need arranged in Mutso, but opening of the family hotels is planned for providing more comfort for the tourists and foreign visitors of Khevsureti.
Mutso. Photo courtesy Giorgi Nikolava

“There are five cottages, an ambulatory and the main office. We do not have similar facilities for the tourists. When the rehabilitation works are completed, we will definitely arrange hotels and hostels in Mutso.
Medieval Mutso village in Khevsureti being rehabilitated. Photo courtesy Badri Vadachkoria

Moreover, there is a café in Mutso, which was opened by the local resident. Many tourists visit this café, and the tourists also come from Tusheti (historic region in northeast Georgia). Now people can relax and have a break here,” Antadze explains.
The communication system has also been arranged on the place. Photo courtesy Giorgi Shermazanashvili

According to him, the communication system has also been arranged on the place: telephone masts have been installed by the company “Global,” hydropower plant and electric power system have also been regulated.

According to Antadze, the rehabilitation of Mutso is not finished yet and there are still three buildings in need of repair, including one tower.
The rehabilitation of Mutso is not finished yet. Photo courtesy Giorgi Shermazanashvili

“This year, all the procedures will be completed. We suppose that everything will be done till summer. There are three buildings, among them one tower in the village, where the restoration works are still in progress. We started repairing these buildings in 2017. After finishing the rehabilitation works, we are planning to open the visitor center, museum-reserve, etc. All these will be completed by next year,” notes Antadze.
This year, all the procedures will be completed. Photo courtesy Khevsureti

Protection of safety norms is also very important for the tourists, as Mutso is a fortress town located on a difficult terrain. Security of the visitors and tourists at the site is top priority. As the head of the National Agency for Cultural Heritage Protection notes, the security measures will be advanced in Mutso.
The safety of the visitors will be ensured. Photo courtesy Giorgi Nikolava

“The safety of the visitors will be ensured. Arranging the walking trails and the special barriers is also planned. Additionally, we have here the museum-reserve, where three locals are employed. They will be responsible for ensuring safety of the visitors. Moreover, the special warning banners will be installed, for the safety of tourists,” Antidze explains.

According to Nikoloz Antidze, 3.7 million GEL was spent for the rehabilitation of Mutso. Out of these, 1.7 million is state financed, while the rest was donated by the foundation Kartu.
The first phase of the rehabilitation started in 2014. Photo courtesy Khevsureti

The first phase of the rehabilitation started in 2014 and has been implemented in several stages. Medical facilities and certain infrastructure were arranged within the rehabilitation project, with the museum-reserve among them. It is very important that if previously only one family lived in Mutso, now three families are based there and they are simultaneously employed at the museum-reserve.
The ancient village boasts about 30 medieval fortified dwellings. Photo courtesy Giorgi Shermazanashvili

Located on a rocky mountain 1880m high in Georgia’s Mtskheta-Mtianeti region, the ancient village of Mutso boasts about 30 medieval fortified dwellings and four combat towers arranged on vertical terraces above the Mutso-Ardoti gorge. However, much of this was in ruins and in desperate need of repair. The place is often compared to the landscape and dwellings of Lord of Ring by the visitors.
The rehabilitation plan was launched in 2004. Photo courtesy Khevsureti

The rehabilitation plan was launched in 2004, but rehabilitation works started only in 2014.

Difficult to access, the village retains original architecture, and is a popular destination for tourists and mountain trekkers. Listed, however, among the most endangered historic monuments of Georgia, a project of the rehabilitation of Mutso has been developed since 2004.
Difficult to access, the village retains original architecture. Photo courtesy Nakvalevi

The architecture of Mutso is mostly highly fortified and defensive in character, featuring a profusion of towers clinging to the mountainsides, signifying constant vigilance in the face of enemy attack.

Author: Teona Kentchiashvili

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