GREEN DIAMOND - Construction complex that delivers apartments early
07 May, 2018
The construction complex Green Diamond continues to surprise future residents in Tbilisi with unprecedented results. Delivering of all the 731 apartments, sold 9 months before completion of the construction started one month earlier the agreed deadline.

However, this is not the first case for the developer company MAQRO Construction, which builds the complex. In 2016 Green Budapest was delivered to the residents 5 months earlier the agreed deadline.

Oguz Kaan Karaer, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer explains that the early
delivery of flats has become the tradition for the MAQRO Construction.
“It’s of multilaterally important for us not only to meet the deadlines, but deliver units earlier and surprise customers. On the one hand, it highlights the company's credibility and service quality that we take the interests of the future residents into account.

Green Diamond is a unique project in Tbilisi in case of infrastructure and quality. This is not just a residential complex, this is a different lifestyle, where residents can enjoy greenery, fresh air, beautiful gardens, playgrounds for children, sport areas, pools etc… Living in Green Diamond will change their and their family’s everyday life. I am also waiting to move with my family and start a new life in Green Diamond" Oguz Kaan Karaer said.
The delivery process is already started from April and it will last for a few months. Mr. Alekhsandre Piranishvili was one of the first resident who received his unit: ,,I am one of the first resident of the complex Green Diamond built by MAQRO Construction. I checked the unit and liked very much. I am happy to cooperate with this company. During the construction period all the safety rules were protected, I was observing the process via web live camera. Also i am very thankful as I came to the country spontaneously and they let me check the unit without any problems. Thank you one more time.”

The future residents meet this fact with great satisfaction. One of them is Nino Turashvili, who has long planned to move to live independently and decided to make this dream to come true in Green Diamond.

“I have planned to buy a unit for a long time, but I unrestrainedly decided to buy in Green Diamond. The model and the showroom I saw in the sales office were so perfect that I made a decision in 15 minutes. In a few days after the contract was signed, I decided to visit the construction site and there was a complete shock to me, because the place was not even bordered. However, I did not worry, because I trusted the company and I knew how successfully they had fulfilled the Green Budapest plan. Exactly 2 weeks later I visited the construction site again and saw such active process of construction that I was surprised. Then I realized that two years would pass very soon and my apartment would be handed over to me. During this time, the I had flexible and comfortable cooperation with the company. I was offered a favorable payment term.
One more surprise was the delivery of the apartment. I visit the construction side very often and I see how beautiful the complex is. This is the only project in Tbilisi where you have all the facilities inside and you do not need to go out for daily needs. Green area, playgrounds, swimming pools, ecologically clean area with fresh air – this is rare project in the city. I am so happy that my children will rise in a healthy atmosphere.
Now, I am sure that I will still have the same emotion I had when I decided to buy it.” Nino Turashvili said.

Setting up the infrastructure will be completed simultaneously with the delivery process. Green Diamond is the first large-scale complex, which is located nearby the city center in the ecologically clean area.

In this regard, MAQRO Construction was a pioneer and this new approach has been justified. In modern cities, more and more people are interested in moving away from the city center to avoid the noise and polluted air. Residents of "Green Diamond" have the opportunity to enjoy fresh air and tranquility.

Green Diamond will launch the 3rd stage in September, so people will still have the chance to join and enjoy the happy and healthy lifestyle.