Fuckup Nights is back with new series of events
15 May, 2018
Tbilisi Startup Bureau and Impact Hub Tbilisi continue the series of the events Fuckup Nights Tbilisi. On May 18, 19:00, the second volume of  Fuckup Nights Tbilisi will take place in Fabrika, a multicultural space and a modern hostel.

The movement Fuckup Nights launched in Mexico in 2012 and nowadays it represents the global movement and the series of the events that unveil the stories of professional failures.

Within the frames of the event, you will hear business stories that ended
up with failure and frustration, the partnerships that did not work out and products which did not turn out as success. Each month, in 80 countries throughout the world, 252 cities with Tbilisi among them – three or four successful people share own experience with the audience.

Sometimes, the best stories start with wrong decisions!

The speakers of Fuckup Nights are the people who experienced failure, yet did not give up, they learned and developed from their own mistakes. Now they are ready to share their experience with others and give them insight into their own mistakes!

The speakers of the second event of Fuckup Nights are four successful entrepreneurs in the field of innovations and technologies.

The project is intended for the entrepreneurs, businessmen, executive directors, managers, creative professionals, students, and for everyone who wants to learn from others' mistakes and spend time in good environment surrounded  with interesting people.

This special edition of the event is dedicated to innovation and technology and is supported by Georgia's Innovation and Technology Agency/GITA.

Learning from your mistakes makes you smart, but learning from others’ mistakes makes you genius.

Fuckup Nights is waiting for you on May 18, 19:00, at Fabrika (8 Egnate Ninoshvili Street).

The event is organized with joint collaboration of Tbilisi Startup Bureau, Impact Hub Tbilisi, Fabrika Hostel and Fabrika.

The event is sponsored by Karva Beer, Grant Thornton Georgia, Taxify Georgia, Kedari Ventures, Blue Ocean Success Library, Scoot Scoot, Camora Basement, and PIPES burger joint at Fabrika


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The seats are limited, so we advise to hurry up.