Starbucks regional operator enters Georgian market
11 June, 2018
A world-famous American coffee company and coffeehouse chain Starbucks enters Georgian market. As reported, the first coffee shop will open in the shopping center Tbilisi Mall, in autumn. The store will serve customers on the first floor of the shopping center.

Shaya Turkey will be engaged in managing the brand in Georgia. Shaya Turkey manages Starbucks restaurants in Turkey and Azebaijan as well.

Shaya Turkey was founded in Kuwait in 2002. The company operates several brands in Turkey.

Shaya Turkey is
looking for a local manager for Starbucks in Georgia. They have already announced vacancy on the position. Application deadline is July 11.
The negotiations regarding the opening of Starbucks chain are at the final stage. The café is planned to roll out in November.

Previously, the news about popular brand entering Georgia was spread several times, yet as it turned out later, none of them was real. But this time Shaya Turkey admitted that the brand will appear on Georgian market soon.

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