New glamour tent hotel is open in Ambrolauri, Racha
23 June, 2018
There are plenty of beautiful places in Georgia, thanks to its geographic location. One of the most beautiful mountain cities in Georgia - Ambrolauri is located in Racha , where the new and exotic tent hotel is already open.

Glamping Georgia is located in village Krikhi. What differentiates Glamping Georgia from others, is that its rooms are luxurious and have the best views. You can find this hotel on as well.
Glamping is a new direction in business

Every room is
equipped with minimal number of utensils, there is a toilet, free internet, mini-cinema, air-conditioning system and terrace.

Glamping is a new direction business and is a compound of two words – Glamour and Camping. Similar hotels are in Australia and Switzerland. Hotel is located in 2 kilometers from Ambrolauri.
One can enjoy watching films in a room

Firstly, only foreign guests were attracted by the hotel, but then Georgians as well.

There are only two tents in the hotel and can receive up to 8 persons. 4 persons can be placed in one tent. Price starts from GEL 120 and increases with GEL 20 per person. For example, price for 4 persons is GEL 140. Price includes breakfast, bicycle tour and a hammock.
There is plenty of space for two persons

It is planned to open similar hotels in Svaneti, Bakuriani and on the Black sea coast.
Hotel is located on a slope and has fine views

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