The procedures for exportating Georgian wine to Japan will be simplified
12 July, 2018
According to the National Wine Agency (the NWA), 4 Georgian laboratories have been added to the list of foreign laboratories registered in Japan, which will significantly simplify Georgian wine import procedures in Japan. Prior to making this decision, additional customs and verification of the wine exported from Georgia to Japan contributed to additional costs and procedural difficulties.

In order to resolve future problems, the NWA consulted with the Embassy of Japan as to how to improve procedures between the 2 Countries.
Georgia put forward a suggested list of Georgian laboratories which they thought it would be appropriate to register in Japan. After that, the Japanese Embassy arranged for representatives from their Health, Labour and Welfare Ministries to discuss with the Georgian side the laboratories tobe officially registered.
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Following detailed discussion about specifications and technical details, the Japanese side accepted the following laboratories onto their register : "Wine Laboratory" Ltd, Ltd "Norm", LLC "MultiTest" and LLC "Expertise +".

“Japan is one of the strategic export markets for Georgian wine. 130 thousand bottles of wine have been exported there over the past 6 months, which is 200% higher than the same period last year," - the National Wine Agency reports.

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