What are the highest paid areas in Georgia
17 July, 2018
According to the data collected by the National Statistics Office of Georgia in the first quarter of 2018 the highest paid jobs in Georgia are found in the financial and insurance fields. Here is a list of the Average monthly incomes of employees in the various industries starting with the highest first:

1. Financial and Insurance - 2305.2 GEL.
2. Professional, Scientific and Technical - 1743.2 GEL.
3. Information and communication - 1686.1 GEL.
4. Construction - 1551.8 GEL.
5. Electricity, gas, steam
and condensed air employees is approximately 1400 GEL.

How do the salaries of the highest paid men compare to that of the highest paid women using the same categories as above?


1. 1560.3 GEL
2. 1382.1 GEL
3. 1477.4 GEL
4. 1239.3 GEL
5. 1579.1 GEL


1. 3521.7 GEL
2. 2133.8 GEL
3. 1836.8 GEL
4. 1582.6 GEL
5. 1362.5 GEL

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