How much does Taxi cost in Tbilisi?
17 July, 2018
Stories how Taxi drivers try to deceive passengers and charge them with more money than they should pay are known for everybody all over the world. Unfortunately, Georgia is not an exception. Due to this reason, we have decided to explore taxi prices in Georgia, but first, read the story below.

Gia Burjanadze, head of the Consumer Rights Association, st
ated in a conversation with the Prime Minister that foreign tourists are being overcharged by taxi drivers.

He recalls an incident where a taxi driver left a tourist at the Tbilisi Sea instead of the Black Sea.

The Tourist arrived at Tbilisi Airport and told the taxi driver he wanted to go to the Adjara region on the Black Sea coast.

The taxi driver drove around for a few hours and then informed the tourist that they had arrived at the Black Sea. However this was not true. The taxi driver had actually taken him to the Tbilisi Sea.

He then charged him 200 US dollars.

Last winter there was a case when a tourist asked a taxi to take him to Kazbegi. The driver took him to a snowy place near Tianeti and told him that it was Kazbegi.

In the case of clubs overcharging, there are many of examples both in Tbilisi, and Batumi of this happening.

If these practices are not dealt with and remedied then the fear is that Georgia will get a bad reputation for ripping off tourists and that they will not come back to Georgia. They may also spread this information to others about how poorly tourists are treated in Georgia. It is very damaging to the country for which tourism is one of the main priorities – says Burjanadze.

Due to such issues and to avoid problems related to Taxi drivers in Georgia, we would suggest that you only travel with reliable taxi firms. Here we provide information about main destinations in and around Tbilisi. Prices differ, so the numbers stated below are average and gives general information.

From Tbilisi city center to the Tbilisi international airport you may be charged from GEL 15 to GEL 20, but from the airport to the center prices differ between GEL 18 to 30. Based on the numbers and distance from center (Liberty square) to the airport (17 kilometers) we can assume that Taxi companies take from GEL 1.18 to GEL 1.80 per kilometer.

Prices from Tbilisi to other tourist destinations differ as well (We cannot cover all the information, so we have chosen 4 main cities of Georgia – Mtskheta, Telavi, Kutaisi and Batumi).

We should mention that prices are approximate and they may be different in a particular occasion, but numbers provided above gives general information to our readers and tourists to avoid inconvenient situations like the one mentioned above.

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