How much does a vacation cost in Tbilisi?
23 July, 2018
It is the middle of summer and those who have not yet taken a vacation are looking for an appropriate place for sure!
So why not visit Georgia? – The country can offer different types of activities such as extreme sport as well as tours and excursions to different parts of Georgia There may also be special festiv
als or concerts which might attract tourists. But the question is – how much will this vacation cost?

Today we explore how much a person might have to pay per night for a vacation in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia.

There many hotels in Tbilisi, starting from 5 star ones to 1 star. And prices are of course different. We have collected our information based on the widely used website, so let’s see what we have.
Hotel Ambasadori in Tbilisi. Photo courtesy:

The prices for five star hotels range from GEL 470 to 800. These are luxurious hotels that offer guests everything from deluxe rooms to posh cafes. It appears that there are a lot of wealthy Georgians out there who can afford this service, but there is an increasing interest from foreigners as well. Georgia has become a summer destination for many Russians, Europeans, as well as Arabs, Indians, Iranians and others.
Hotels Biltmroe in Tbilisi. Photo courtesy:

As for four star hotels, there is a much larger number of these in Tbilisi. The price range is wider as well – prices starting from GEL 140 to GEL 720 per night. These hotels are usually located in the city centre, so that it is easier for tourists to arrange sightseeing or go for a walk in the evening. According to, there are approximately 100 four star hotels available in Tbilisi.
Radisson Blu Iveria Hotel in Tbilisi. Photo courtesy:

As the number of stars decrease, the number of hotels increase. There are approximately 160 three star hotels in Tbilisi, located in different districts. The main attraction of these hotels is their affordable price range which is between GEL 140 to 570. Three star hotels are probably the most suitable for middle income tourists who want a reasonable place to stay but don’t want to spend too much. Any money saved can also be spent out and about the city or on some activities or tours.
Courtyard Marriot Hotel in Tbilisi. Photo courtesy:

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