Places in Georgia where real estate is the most expensive
26 July, 2018
The real estate market in Georgia is growing annually. In Tbilisi as well as other regions of Georgia new developments are increasingly taking place. What is the cost of a mid-sized, approximately 60 sqm (square metre) apartment or a house, in different area of Georgia?

Statistics (from the real estate agency show that the value of real estate is higher in resort zones.

Here are 8 areas in Georgia (apart from Tbilisi) where real estate is most

The most expensive resorts are in Gudauri and Bakuriani. These places are popular at any time of the year.

As for prices, the average price per sq m is about 3000 GEL. According to the data; for Gudauri and Bakuriani properties, you will need around 180 thousand GEL for a 60sq m property .
Gudauri, Photo courtesy:

The second most expensive area is Batumi. At the seaside resort the price per sqm is about GELS 2300. As for the price of a 60 sqm property the average amount is about 138 thousand GELS.
Batumi, Photo courtesy:

Georgia's famous and popular resort Borjomi is next , with a sqm price of 1250 GELS. This means that the purchase of a 60 sqm property in this well-known mineral water resort will cost you 75 thousand GELS.
Borjomi, Photo courtesy:

Property in Zugdidi is approximately 1150 GELS per sqm Zugdidi is the administrative centre of Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti. And so for a 60sqm property the price would be about 69 thousand GELS.
Zugdidi, Photo courtesy:

Next is the town of Kvemo Kartli which is located near Tbilisi. The average price per sqm is 1000 GELS. And so the purchase of a 60sqmapartment, would be about 60 thousand GEL.

Next is the administrative centre Kutaisi in the region of Imereti. Here the price of real estate is about GELS 900 per sqm. 60 sqm would therefore cost you about 54 thousand GELS.
Kutaisi, Photo courtesy:

The 8th region is Kakheti the administrative Centre of Telavi where the price per sqm is about 800 GELS. A 60 sqm property would costs about 48 thousand GELS.

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