Coffee Factory will open in Tbilisi in October
27 July, 2018
The first coffee factory (which will be located on the Kakheti highway) in Tbilisi will open in October. Head of the Company "Capulso", Bezhan Gurgenidze told "Business Press".

In the first phase, at least 40 people will be employed in the enterprise, and then it is expected that their number will increase to 70.

According to Bezhan Gurgenidze, the project has two Georgian investors. In total, 25,000 ,000 GELS of investment has already been allocated to the construction of the coffee
Factory. However, according to Bezhan Gurgenidze, the purchase and installation of certain equipment is still ongoing, therefore, it is expected that further investment monies will be required. The company will bring raw materials from East Africa, as well as from Central and South America.
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"I can’t give you, an exact date when it will open but we are working very hard to start the business as soon as possible. We will do all we can to get it open by October. ”

As for questions about the price of the coffee which will be produced , Bezhan Gurgenidze says that this has as yet not been decided.

It is not intended that we initially collaborate or cooperate with any international brands, said Bezhan Gurgenidze.

"We are intending to export, but we will still be supplying local markets. Perhaps after 1 year of the enterprise being launched we will export to other countries as well." says Bezhan Gurgenidze.

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