The level of Georgian wine and Chacha exported has increased
08 August, 2018
The National Wine Agency of Georgia has recently published statistical information about the level of Georgian wine and Chacha exported between January and July, 2018. Georgia has in this period exported 45.4 million bottles of wine to 50 countries. Compared to the same period in 2017, the level is 19% higher.

The profit from these exports amounts to 107.8 million $ which is 28% higher compared to the profit in the corresponding period in 2017. The highest number of wine bottles
are exported to Russia (28 ,564 ,609), Ukraine (5, 040 ,319), China (3 ,514 ,066), Kazakhstan (1, 996, 860) and Poland (1,886, 618).

As for Georgian brand wines, there have been 9.9 million bottles exported to 20 countries worldwide. The number is 20% higher than the number for the January-July period in 2017. Profit from the brand wines has also risen by 7% and accounts for 20 million $.
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219,500 bottles of Georgian pomace brandy Chacha has been exported to 24 countries. This is 114% higher than the January-June period in 2017. The profit from this product amounts to 638, 500 $.

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