Winemakers to produce Kvanchkara in its place of origin - Racha
10 August, 2018
Khvanchakara is a semi-sweet Georgian red wine which originates from Racha, in the western part of Georgia. Kvanchkara is made of two types of grape Mujuretuli and Aleksandrouli. The grapes are usually transported from Racha and processed in different parts of Georgia by wine companies. A new initiative is in the pipeline to produce Khvanchkara in Racha.

It is rumoured that wine production in Racha will commence in 2019. The initiative will aim to boost the economic development of Racha. As
the Minister of Environmental Protection and Agriculture has stated, the popularity of the product and the profit which should be earned from it should contribute to improving living standards in Racha.

Winemakers welcome the initiative as it will prevent any kind of wine falsification. But it is not intended to build any new wine production premises in Racha. Producers are seeking to find established premises and to negotiate with local companies and factories in the region. Some producers do not consider the financial challenges as a risk as Khvanchkara is an expensive brand with the prospect of high profits.

At this stage, it is only intended to set up production of Khvanchkara but it is hoped that production of other wine brands will follow in the future.

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