The amount of Direct Foreign Investment rises in Georgia
15 August, 2018
According to the information of the National Statistics Office of Georgia, the amount of direct foreign investment in Georgia has risen and in 2017 was approximately $1.888.800.000. The agency says that this figure has increased by 20.6% compared to 2016 and is over 1.4% more than the preliminary data for 2017 previously suggested.

Moreover, approximately 34.9% of the direct foreign investment in 2017 has been reinvested.
Major investor countries by 2017 (Million US Dollars)

Countries who have made the largest investments in
Georgia are:

• Azerbaijan,(24.6%)
• The Netherlands (18.9%)
• Turkey (15.2%)

These three countries contributions in 2017 equated to 58.7% of total investment.

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