“Blauenstein Georgia” due to expand in Georgia
16 August, 2018
“Blauenstein Georgia” is planning to open more shops in Georgia. It is an agriculture company that sells meat products, meat and convenience food. “Blauenstein Georgia” was founded in Racha in 2008 with the help of Swiss-Georgian investment. They have invested approximately $27 million in the company to date, from which 65% of the amount was invested by Swiss side. There are currently 75 people employed in the company.

“Blauenstein Georgia” owns a shop in Tsereteli Avenue. This has been up and
running since 2016 and the shop is supplied from Rachan farms.
Interior of the Blauenstein shop in Tbilisi

According to the manager of the company Tatia Arabidze, it is planning to open a new shop in September in Paliashvili Street. Moreover, in the Autumn a “Blauenstein Georgia” mobile shop will appear in Tbilisi.

Tatia told that the company owns one shop at Tsereteli Avenue 67. Because they have built up a large customer base this has encouraged them to expand and to open more stores.
Blauenstein produces meat products, such as different types of sausages

The manager of the company said that the new store building is nearly ready. They have already had delivery of the commercial refrigerators (which have been fitted) and other fixtures for the shop.

“Blauenstein Georgia” has invested some 800 000 GEL in its new shop. 6 employees will start work here when ot opens for business. It is hoped this number will increase gradually.

“Blauenstein Georgia” has also invested 900 000 GEL in purchasing a new mobile van / shop. Tatia says that the Van is being assembled in France will be in the Company’s colours. At the back of the Van there will be an information desk and customers will be able to get information about the next stop/ destination of the mobile shop.
The company also sells raw meat

The difference between the conventional shop and the mobile shop is that they will be selling meat they source from Racha.

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