How expensive is it to visit Georgia?
21 August, 2018
The Georgian Lari (GEL) is the official currency of Georgia and is the only legal means of payment in the entire territory of Georgia. According to the currency ranking the most popular exchange is the GEL / USD rate, than comes the EURO, Turkish Lira, Pound Sterling, and Russian Ruble. You can exchange money at the banks, but exchange points located on the main streets of the city may provide better rates. To see the official exchange rate of Lari against
foreign currencies, you could visit the official website of the National Bank of Georgia.

In Tbilisi and other cities, hotels, supermarkets, restaurants and points of sales accept payment in cash or by debit / credit cards. However, you should keep your cash with you in the country-side, where there might be no banking services or ATMs. Moreover, keep in mind that taxis never accept cards.The average amount of money that a tourist might need for travelling in Georgia depends on the list of “To do , to see and whether you are going to buy any souvenirs and Georgian products”.

Generally speaking, keep in mind that Georgia is an extremely cheap country - it’s possible to rent a place, feed yourself, and travel around the country for less than $400 a month. However, if you are up for roughing it ,, staying at a hostel or couchsurfing and doing things the local way, $200 is probably enough.
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Food is quite cheap in Georgia, especially in local markets, though groceries in supermarkets are still quite affordable compared to many European cities. An average dinner which might include 2-3 meals and a beverage would range from $10-15 in a restaurant serving traditional food.
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There are lots of options for accommodation, starting from luxurious hotels to quite cheap hostels, on average $10 per night. However, the best option is not to spend too much on accommodation. In the case of a group you could rent an entire apartment through Airbnb, which will cost on average a $25-30 per night.However this may vary due to location and time of year


Georgia offers plenty of things to do for free, including many historical and cultural sights. There are dozens of places, especially in Tbilisi that offer free entry. As for the museums, some of them have extremely low prices (on average $1.25).
Mtskheta - historical town in Georgia, Photo courtesy:

In a nutshell, the necessary budget for a tourist in Georgia depends on the number of places he/she plans to visit, however, the country itself is quite cheap compared to other European states and therefore the tourist can see many of the famous Georgian places and enjoy Georgian cuisine with a minimum budget.

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