Underground gas storage facility to be built in Georgia
25 August, 2018
KfW, a German government-owned development bank signed a EUR 150 million promotional loan with the state-owned Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation (GOGC) for the construction of the first underground gas storage facility in Georgia. The information is published on the official website of KfW.

The total investment in the project amounts to some EUR 220-250 million and is to be financed by KfW, together with the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the GOGC. The capacity of the future gas storage facility
close to the capital of Tbilisi will be around 400 million cubic metres, equivalent to 10-15% of Georgia’s annual gas consumption. Diversification of energetic resources is one of the main tasks of the Georgian government. It is also an obligation provided by the EU/Georgia Association Agreement. Georgian government should create domestic gas storage facilities as part of the Agreement.

The project will help reduce dependence on gas imports from neighbouring countries. Georgia’s gas supply is based exclusively on imports from Azerbaijan (90%) and Russia (10%).

“To date, Georgia is the only country in the Black Sea region without gas storage facilities. With the construction of the first underground gas storage facility, Georgia is significantly improving its energy supply and creating the conditions for investment and economic growth through increased energy security,” says Dr Joachim Nagel, member of KfW Group’s Executive Board.

80 per cent of Georgian households are connected to the gas network and will benefit from the measure. The project will complement KfW’s highly successful involvement in the Georgian energy sector up to the present. The Georgian electricity transmission sector has been supported with financing for transmission lines and substations for over two decades as part of Financial Cooperation. KfW supports Georgia in reforming its energy sector and in the energy-efficient rehabilitation of public buildings.


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